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Robust, Uncomplicated & Easy to Use!

A simple concept of leverage has been used to ensure the complete removal of unwanted invasive plants, roots & all, providing a permanent solution to a long-standing problem! Manufactured from steel, the Tree Popper comprises a lever/handle with a rubber grip and a foot piece firmly held together by a circlip. These two basic parts form a plier-like jaw used to grip the plant stem.

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  • 1) With the tread plate facing the operator, fill the jaw with the base of the plant stem .i.e. just above the soil surface:

  • 2) Pull the upper end of the lever only to lift the plant out of the soil – do not use feet on popper.

Easy to use plant extractor

So simple, one person can operate it!


    No returning to trim regrowth of the same plant – the perfect tool for follow-up, and final clearing. Removing the root ball clears the soil for new planting.


    Can be used on rocky ground where normal hand tools are ineffective and mechanical cultivation is impossible.


    Does not harm the environment and facilitates the permanent removal of alien vegetation without causing pollution while eliminating the need for herbicides and other chemicals.

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