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What size is best suited for my needs?

  • The large is the flagship model; it can extract trees with any trunk sizes (including those that the small and medium models can handle), plus larger - up to a stem diameter of 2 inches (or 50mm). It also provides the greatest leverage due to the length of its handle - 56.7 inches. It is a beast! It is well suited to initial clearing work and can handle maintenance of an area as well.
  • The medium does almost as much as the large - stems of 1/4 inch to 1-3/8 inches (5mm to 35mm) in width and is well suited to smaller frame adults. The medium was originally developed for teams clearing invasives in the mountainous areas where the tool had to be carried, therefore being smaller and lighter was an important factor. The medium model is 4.3 pounds lighter than the large.
  • The small handles smaller stem sizes - 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch (5mm to 20mm). It’s hallmark is being the lightest model. It’s great for day-to-day gardening and keeping an area clear of invasives after the initial clearing.

What is the Tree Popper™ made of?

Manufactured from mild steel, the Tree Popper comprises a lever/handle with a rubber grip and a foot piece firmly held together by a circlip. These two parts form a plier-like jaw that is used to grip the plant stem.

What types of trees does the Tree Popper™ work on?

It works on weeds with a woody stem 1/4 inch to 2 inches (5mm to 50mm) in diameter.

What soil type does Tree Popper™ work in?

Any soil type! In extremely soft soil conditions, use a support under the treadplate, such as a plank.

What warranty is offered?

Buyers who register their purchase with us within 30 days of purchase benefit from a manufacturer warranty on the entire product for 5 years, if used properly. Contact us via our Contact Form to get instructions on shipping your item back to us. The item will then be replaced with the same or equivalent current model and the buyer will only be responsible for shipping from the warehouse to the buyer’s address.

What is the difference between the Large Tree Popper ™ and a Peg Popper?

The Peg Popper is reinforced to handle the additional wear of extracting tent pegs and fence posts. The Peg Popper can double as a Tree Popper™, and can extract anything a Tree Popper™ can extract.

How does one operate the Tree Popper™?

  • Operation is simple! With the jaw hooked around the plant stem, force is exerted on the handle, causing the foot piece to lever the plant and its roots completely out of the ground. This simple manual operation has eliminated the need for high-speed blades and other potentially dangerous mechanical operations.
  1. With the tread plate facing the operator, fill the jaw with the base of the plant stem. i.e. just above the soil surface.
  2. Pull the upper end of the lever only to lift the plant out of the soil - do not use feet on the Tree Popper™.
  3. Use a support under the treat plate in extreme soft soil conditions.

*Occasionally clean grooves on jaw with a sharp object to prevent slipping.

*Not designed for use on suckers growing up from an established tree root.

What are the advantages of using the Tree Popper™ versus other methods of clearing?

  • Users have the ability to select and extract only the invasive plants, leaving the desired plants safe to carry on growing.
  • ~PRACTICAL~ and elegant, yet effective. It’s a one-person, back-saving implement, used to extract unwanted trees and plants, roots and all.
  • ~COST-EFFECTIVE~ A rugged too that needs no maintenance at all.
  • ~ADAPTABLE~ The Tree Popper™ Can be used on rocky and inaccessible ground where normal hand tools and mechanical cultivation are impossible.
  • A simple concept of leverage has been used to ensure the complete removal of unwanted vegetation, roots & all, providing a permanent solution to a long-standing problem.
  • The Tree Popper™ does not harm the environment.
  • It facilitates the permanent removal of alien vegetation without exhaust fumes.
  • Having only one moving part, the Tree Popper™ does not require any form of maintenance when used properly.
  • No charging or refueling required.
  • Use of this rugged implement also eliminates the need for herbicides and other chemicals.
  • Suitable for organic and biodynamic farming and gardening.
  • It is suitable for use in areas that are inaccessible to other mechanical implements, having been used successfully on mountain slopes and other difficult terrain.
  • Use on any soil type.
  • No sharp blades.
  • No regrowth from the same rootstock.
  • Anyone operating the Tree Popper™ immediately looks cool.